About us

When my daughter Mae was born, I wanted to decorate her room with art that was beautiful, playful and high-quality, but not totally “babyish."

It was hard to find, and I'm an artist, so I rolled up my sleeves and started painting watercolor animals I thought she’d love on my own. Demand grew organically. Six months and many elephants, zebras, frogs, giraffes and penguins later (pandas coming soon!), Wee Wild Ones was born.

I hand paint every Wild One with watercolor and ink and reproduce each giclee print on sturdy, archival fine-art paper (to get technical, it's a hot pressed watercolor paper that's sturdy, won't fade, and is built to last.) Each Wild One is designed to be sweet enough for your newborn, but cool enough to stick around as she grows up and her style matures (in fact, I hope they're just cool enough, they might show up somewhere else in your home, too.) Every animal is available in multiple sizes, with several choices of background color (including white) to make it easy to mix, match, and suit any design scheme. 

I'm proudly partnered with Simply Framed—allowing you to get your Wild Ones fitted with custom-made, gallery-quality frames at a reasonable price. All frames use UV-shielding, light-weight plexiglass instead of heavy glass (when it comes to kids, we believe in safety first!)

Wee Wild Ones are designed to make decorating for your own kids fun and easy, and to let you give that thoughtful, unique gift for parents-to-be you've been imagining but can't seem to find. Thanks for coming by!

—Nicky Stiffle, Founder of Wee Wild Ones

PS: You can find my other work, and purchase original art, at nickystiffleart.com