Customer Reviews

"I spent quite some time looking for nursery art and was so excited to discover WWO.  Their animal prints are incredibly cute, and the range of color options make a minimalist customer like me happy (white/grey/black!) as well as the more daring decorator (neons!).  The prints arrived quickly and perfectly packed.  I love my prints so much that they have become my go-to-gift for new moms and birthdays!"


—Karla Gallardo, mom to Mateo (16 months)



“I LOVE Wee Wild Ones!  The prints are simple, unique, beautiful and fun.  With several of my friends starting to have children, Wee Wild Ones is my go-to site for gifts.  They arrive perfectly packaged (simple and elegant) and ready for use, and they continue to delight all the lucky recipients (parent and child alike).  Simply perfect!”


—Sadie Wieschhoff Bear, godmother to Ellie (2 years)



"Wee Wild Ones have become my gift of choice for expectant parents. As a grandmother, I love to give these unique prints to my friends' grandchildren. And they're even more gorgeous in person."


—Jackie Hilly, grandmother to Mae (18 months)



“Baby gifts so cute I have one in my very grownup office. (And they won’t break the bank.)”


—Jessica Bennett, honorary aunt to many